Higher Education

Microsoft 365 Education Journey

Use Microsoft tools to find your path to successful deployment and certification, support adoption with professional development, and build educator capacity—all in the name of better learning outcomes for all students. Here you will also find helpful resources for additional support.

Strategic success

Discover what the digital transformation of education involves and determine where you are in your journey. Understand the Education Transformation Framework (ETF), assess your current state in order to decide what your success looks like, and build your strategic plan for deployment and adoption. Stakeholders at this milestone include system leaders, school leaders, IT decision makers, business decision makers, and technical education decision makers. The system and school leaders ultimately own this decision.

Which one sounds like you?


The modern deployment of Microsoft 365 tools involves setting up a secure identity, managing your devices, and provisioning Microsoft Teams and other apps. This process can be straight-forward, but there are times when more technical skills are necessary to move from segmented identities to a single one, for managing multiple types of devices, and more. Stakeholders at this milestone include IT decision makers, business decision makers, education technologists, and IT departments. The IT decision maker and technical education decision maker ultimately own this decision.


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Continued training

Earn a technical certification that shows you are keeping pace with today's technical roles and requirements. Skill up, prove your expertise to employers and peers, and get the recognition and opportunities you've earned.


Now that you have securely deployed user identity, managed devices, and setup the apps everyone will use including Teams, here is how to you support your educators, leaders, and students in using and getting the most out of this investment of time and money. Stakeholders at this milestone include school leaders, educators, and education technologists. The school leaders ultimately own this decision.

Need assistance

Need assistance?

Here are some additional resources to support the Microsoft Education journey.

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