Build Your Plan

Build Your Strategic Plan

Build Your Plan

Take the time to develop a strategic plan specifically to reach the goals you want to achieve. Be sure to identify all stakeholders including your CTO or IT decision maker, researchers, and instructors/faculty. The fundamental pieces of a successful plan will have a clear and well thought out vision for where you want to go and what success means in this changing realm of digital transformation. It will have clear guides on when, where, and how to deploy the right tools and services to the right users while maintaining the security and privacy of all individuals. It will include a change management plan to ensure you are setting upfront expectations and easy guidance for what the new or updated technologies will deliver. Finally, a strategic plan will have a section for the professional development and support of the educators and students so they can get the most out of the investments made along this process.

To help you personalize this plan, please be sure to complete the Education Transformation Assessment Tool on the previous page. For additional assistance, reach out to us based on your region below, with your assessment results. We are happy to help you determine where you currently are and what steps to take next in this Education Journey.

Build Your Plan Step 1


The first thing you must do in carrying out a successful roll out is to define your vision and think about the scenarios or objectives you want to achieve. Do you want to enable your users to work anytime, anyplace on any device? Do you want to protect your organization’s data?

Build Your Plan Step 2


This is critical time to remove any blockers you have, clean up any issues that might prevent your preferred deployment approach, and then start setting up services and users that integrate with your environment. The FastTrack team will help coordinate the setup, configuration, and provisioning of many of your Microsoft 365 services.


Build Your Plan Step 3


This phase will help you realize the value of your investment quickly and ensure that your staff are prepared, receive communications to set expectations throughout the deployment process, so they can get their work done better when your deployment is complete. It is about helping your employees to embrace and adopt your new technology.

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