Education Transformation Framework


K-12 Education Transformation Framework

The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework is a guide for education leaders to navigate the complexity of transformation impacting every aspect of their mission. It facilitates the process of envisioning what\'s possible and developing a strategy to achieve it.

The growing role of education as the engine of economic change makes the work happening to transform our schools and classrooms fundamental to global progress. For me it starts with mindset. We need to first inspire students to embrace a limitless future and to see their learning as purposeful to what they can make and do.

Explore Case Studies & Resources

Use this interactive tool to explore case studies and best practices by ETF pillar or component.


Leadership & Policy

Collaboratively envisioning and creating an intentional culture of innovation and learning, with shared goals that engage the community and motivate leaders, educators, and all stakeholders to plan and lead change.


Teaching & Learning

Helping all students achieve their potential by taking a student-centered approach to explore all aspects of teaching and learning: curriculum, assessment, devices, and spaces with a focus on understanding and meeting the needs of all students.


Intelligent Environments

Developing safe and secure onsite and online environments and leveraging data analytics to optimize student outcomes and to create efficient, responsive, and sustainable processes and allocation of resources.


Student & School Success

Anchored in equity and inclusion, building capacity through professional learning and development for all to ensure students develop their social and emotional skills and are successfully prepared for the future.

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